Monday, December 15, 2014

2011 Sort'a Fresh - May & June (Plus a Few Extra Goodies)

   Hello again! After completing the Kevin Koastie Year in Review marathon last week, I'm back with some more new old stuff, and some new-new stuff and a New episode of Kevin Koastie! Yay!

IMAO Link of the Day: So Christmas-y.

   First, here's another one for the Christmas 2014 collection -

3-Point Christmas Globe 2.0 12/12/14

   And now here's some new old stuff. I only did a few designs in May of 2011, so I threw in the designs I did in June as well.

Big Swirly #2. 5/10/11

Babel Rising. 5/6/11
   Some of the structures I draw have those weird impossible angles built in, but if you had a limitless supply of Lego blocks you really could build this one. What is the world record for tallest free-standing Lego building?

Night of the Long Pencils. 5/20/11

Semi-Random Complex Zig-Zag. 6/13/11

Complex Linked Zig-Zag Maze. 6/20/11
   I hadn't done a maze in a while, so when I saw the potential for maze-ness in this pattern, I went for it! (follow the paths from the ball at the top to the ball at the bottom.) It might be difficult, but I'm certain it's theoretically possible!

10 Color Chromatic Cascade. 6/27/11

   With this one, I started with a perfectly symmetrical design (a slightly stretched braided cube) but then broke up the symmetry by coloring it from the top down in what I call a cascade. The colors flow in sequence from form to form and space to space until the whole design is filled. The bit in the middle ended up looking like an upside-down acorn, which was kind of odd.

Eleven Dimensions, No Waiting. 6/28/11

   I'm not a mathematician. Heck, I had to take Algebra twice in high school to get a passing grade, but I admire anyone who can even imagine eleven dimensions, let alone try to express them in mathematical equations like those wild and crazy String Theory dudes do. So, here's to you, wild and crazy String Theory dudes!

   Now I've got 2 more Picture Pages. This will make 50 black & white designs I've posted here. Is that enough for an adult coloring book?

Black & White Test #49

Black & White Test #50.
   And finally, Kevin buys another round, and makes another startling discovery!

Even "The Clueless One" needs some help sometimes!

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