Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Fresh - November. (Plus Christmas Possibilities.)

   Hello everyone! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. I had bacon, turkey bacon, steaks and beer for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm a happy carnivore!
   Anyway, here's my new work from November, 2014. As is my custom, I start thinking about Christmas-y designs as Thanksgiving approaches. You'll see some of those here tonight, with commentary. And of course, waay down at the bottom of the page, another gripping episode in the Adventures of Kevin Koastie!

IMAO Link of the Day: We don't need no steenking badges, we have a flag!

I Aimed For Simplicity But Missed (Subtle Spirals) 11/3/14

   The title reveals what was going through my mind as I drew and colored this one. I wanted to extend the colors out to the edge in spirals, but I got to fiddling with the secondary elements and almost lost control. Still, there Does seem to be an outward, counter-clockwise spiral thingy happening between the strands, so there's that, anyway!

The Day After Election Day - 2014 (Yay!). 11/5/14

   I finished this one while listening to Glenn Beck and his radio crew having a "Gloat-Fest" while reviewing the election results. I made sure I used a lot of bright, cheerful colors in this one.
Ahh, good times!

Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory - 2. 11/12/14

   This is a follow-up to 'Going Out in a Blaze of Glory' from back in October, 2014. My old box of colored pencils were being worn down to nubs. I'd already commemorated the first 10 to pass the point of no return, and was fixing to do the same again with the next 10 shortest pencils, when I decided to go the 'Toy Story 3" route instead and give them to the daughter of one of the tellers at the bank. These last 10 colors stand in for the whole crew who may, for all I know, enjoy years of coloring fun (before ending up in a landfill or lost down in the cushions of a couch somewhere, but at least they're not my problem anymore!) Hey, I get emotionally invested in my colored pencils, but I'm not psychotic about it! Yes you are! No I'm not! Shut up!
   Ahem! Tan, Cherry Red, Cardinal Red, Soft Peach, Cerise, Pineapple, Light Orange, Cream, Celery and Lemon Green - and the rest - ya done good!

New-ness. 11/13/14

   This is the first design completed with my New box of pencils, which includes a selection of metallic and neon bright colors. (my standard definition screen doesn't really show how bright some of these colors are - it may show up on a HD screen.) But anyway, they seem to be working out all right for me!

Now it's "Christmas Time At My House - Part II".
   Last month at IMAO, Harvey asked for suggestions on how blogger/cookie chef/and all-around-good-person Anonymiss should celebrate her birthday. I shyly asked (in the comments) if she wouldn't mind too awfully much if I drew her a Snowflake for her birthday. (She likes to decorate with Snowflake themed ornaments at Christmas time.)  She replied, "Yes, please!" (smiley face), so I got right on that! (I also asked what color she wanted that snowflake, and she specified pink,  blue and lavender.)
   Last year I drew some special designs for Anonymiss, Harvey, Frank J (and family) and Basil.
Since I was drawing a snowflake for Anonymiss this year, I decided I would draw something snowflake shaped (or at least 6-sided) for each of the bloggers at IMAO.
   But then I remembered another design I'd done this year which was inspired by something Harvey said about IMAO not having a flag, and 2 other designs I drew hoping to cheer up Anonymiss who has been having "troubles" of her own. So I'll post those here along with my new stuff and they can pick which one they'd like for Christmas. Of course, Anonymiss gets the snowflake in any case, 'cause that's a Birthday present, not a Christmas present!

Cookie Town. 3/11/14
   Cookie Town first appeared in my 2014 Fresh - March collection. See the little flag with the letter "C" on it, and the big "C" worked into the flagstones at the center of town? I just wanted to be clear that this drawing had Something to do with Something that begins with the letter "C". Just sayin'...

IMAO Flag. 5/30/14
   This one appeared in my 2014 Fresh - May collection. I don't know if Frank and Harvey want to fight over this one - The Logo on which this is based may be Franks, but it was Harvey who gave me the idea. And both were sympathetic and supportive to me this year, so I don't want to play favorites... eh! (shrugs) Harvey gets it! (Unless he wants a snowflake?)

Swirly in the Sky with Bacon. 9/8/14
This one appeared in my 2014 Fresh - September collection and also a few weeks earlier when I included it in my 2012 Sorta Fresh - June collection as another attempt to cheer up Anonymiss as her "troubles" reached a crisis point of some sort and prayers and good wishes were called for. She had commented sometime previously in regards to a different design called "Big Swirly" that someone she knew used to call her Swirly as a nick-name. Well, here's a Swirly World with a Bacon Sky! Hmm... for some reason, I'm reminded of a song ....

   And speaking of Swirly things ....
Swirly Snowflake (Mostly Pink, Blue and Lavender). 11/17/14
   I created a six-point spiral in pink, blue and lavender, with some other Christmas-y colors thrown in, like gold, silver, copper, red, green, white and yellow. The color scheme got kind of complex, but the spiral-y-ness still came through!
   The next 3 designs held to the exact same outer dimensions and 6-sided shape, but were each quite different in their internal pattern. I guess I wanted to test my inventiveness within strict limits and use the size and outer shape of each design to unify them as a sort of set, and all with a 'snowflake' theme.

Precision Snowflake. 11/18/14
Texas Snowflake Town. 11/21/14
   Since Frank's kids liked the Flying Castle design I sent them for Christmas last year, and since they just moved to Texas this year, I thought they'd like something to help them identify with their new home State!

Semi-Random Snowflake Generator. 11/22/14
   The outer structure of this one is basically a cube with fiddly bits, with the six-pointed snowflake image emerging from the background behind the structure. Just trying something different.

   So, I had one from Anonymiss, and one for Frank and his tribe, but I couldn't decide which of the other two should go to Harvey and Basil, or if either one was good enough.
   Then it occurred to me that Every design I've sent to Basil so far has been Cube-shaped, and he's probably sick of cube-shaped designs by this time, so instead of another snowflake, I made him a snowball!

Christmas Snowball. 11/26/14
   So it's round, you see, but in accordance with the design challenge I was following, it still has the six-sided thing going for it. (and, contrary to appearances, it Did start out as a cube!) Also, each strand of the design is a different color (22 in all)

   Well, I still had a few days left in November, so I had just enough time to do one more design. I decided to give that semi-random cube design one more go-around. It looks a bit more snowflake-y than the last one, but I filled in the spaces between the forms with links instead of leavin them open.

Semi-Random, Semi-Curved, Linked Snowflake. 11/28/14
   I used several neon bright colors in this design, but I'm afraid they looked kind of washed-out in this format. Maybe my scanner just can't cope with colors of that hue?

   Now here's some Picture Pages, followed by continuing revelations concerning the Vast Elvish Conspiracy!

Black & White Test #43

Black & White Test #44

Black & White Test #45
Blame It On The Elves!


  1. "New-ness" = Mirror-ball's view of hyperdimensional monkeys break-dancing on a 'Saturday Night Live'-type floor.

    1. I don't think they did any break-dancing in "Saturday Night Fever".
      But on the other hand, your can never tell what tricks those hyperdimensional monkeys will get up to, or what a Mirror-ball might see that we might miss!

  2. (Saturday Night Fever, I mean.)

  3. So beautiful! Thank you for the lovely snowflake you made for me! (I loved all the other snowflakes, as well. I think all the other guys should give me theirs, too! :P)

    You are SO talented

    1. You're welcome, and Happy Birthday! But since you need something for Christmas as well, you get to pick one more - anything from the above collection, or from any of the previous posts that catches your fancy!

  4. PS: Oops! I mean anything except 'IMAO Flag', 'Texas Snowflake Town' or 'Christmas Snowflake'! I sort'a already promised those to Harvey, Frank and Basil. But hey, I always like to give a lady more than one choice, so let me know, OK?