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The Adventures of Kevin Koastie - The Year In Review. (Part 1).

   It was a year ago in December, 2013 that I posted my first Kevin Koastie cartoon here. While this site has continued to be mostly about showing off my artwork, I've really gotten into doing a new, weekly cartoon as well. The strip has gone through some changes as I've experimented with different paper, different formats and even changed my drawing pens in an effort to avoid smudges and streaks.
   (I finally figured out what was causing smudging on some cartoons but not others - the danged drawing paper I'm using was glossy on one side, and not the other! So it all depended on which side of the paper I started on. Since I have to pull the paper from the notebook, fold and tear off the strip at the top with the perforations, it was a 50/50 chance that I'd start drawing on the wrong side! Duh!)
   Now that I've chewed my way through setting up Our Hero's back-story and launched a story line that promises to be truly Epic in the year ahead, I thought it might be fun to re-post all the previous cartoons in chronological order to help those who've come in late to catch up with the story without having to cycle through 62 previous posts in reverse order. You're welcome.
   Oh, and there will be a bit of new art at the bottom. I'm gonna hold off posting my work from 2011 for a few weeks, and then we'll be back to business as normal.

   As an historical footnote; I started drawing The Adventures of Kevin Koastie in the early '80's, revived it again in the mid-'80's, and started again with the current project in the '90's - then let it sit unfinished until last year, when I finally posted the stuff from the '90's here and began drawing new strips after the old stuff was used up. As a bonus, I'll show the one panel from the old strip that has never been seen anywhere before!

IMAO Link of the Day: It All Started With One Little Penguin.

Title page.

After reviewing this post, (a few minutes ago) I've decided to blow up the cartoons to make them easier to read.
Update: 12/23/14 - After reviewing the posts again, I decided to shrink the cartoons down a bit in order to make them fit on the screen better. (I hope this works!)

The First Appearance of Penguins.

The Great S.N.A.F.U. Begins ...

... And Ends.

The Age of Re-Discovery.

See, I Told'em There'd Be More Penguins!

   Now, here's that Extra Special Bonus panel of the cartoon I promised you!

Ta Dah!

   From this point on, It's all New stuff. I've enjoyed finding ways to take suggestions and ideas that people have given me, either for gags or story elements, and working them into the Adventure!

A Narrow Escape For the Penguin!
   A hat-tip to JW for skillfully petitioning for more penguins. My original plan was to have the Professor mercilessly 'gun down' the penguin for looking at him "funny", but since then my mind has been buzzing with penguin-related plot possibilities, as you will see!

Revisionist History.

   You know, I never Did think of names for 'the Professor' or his assistant! But I Did do a comic book about The Lone Stranger and Pronto back in junior high school. Hmmm... Kevin Koastie meets The Lone Stranger? Kevin Koastie becomes The Lone Stranger? I'll have to think about it!

Never Trust a Tenured Professor!
And a hat-tip to Springeraz for the gag about losing their ship due to unexpected sea ice!

Travel Options.

At the bottom of the 3rd panel, I forgot the name of the country I'd invented - That should have been R.S.E. = Re-United States of Everyplace!

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - With Mai-Tai's.
Another penguin (and polar bear) related gag inspired by a Gary Larson cartoon sent to me by JW.

Resurrection Unintentional! 
Perception vs. Reality.

Well, that should be enough to wet your whistles! Before I trundle off to bed, here's a few new pieces I'm working on, and a brand new, just finished today episode of Kevin Koastie! Yay!

Four, Five, Six. 12/2/14

Eight Point Globe. 12/2/14
Pastel Christmas. 12/4/14
Violet Christmas. 12/5/14
Pinwheel Christmas. 12/6/14
... and one Picture Page.
Black & White Test #46.

  You might think I really hate Elves after you read this cartoon, but don't worry - I've got plans for them ... Now, if you ask me about those d*mn dirty Gnomes --- yikes!

Elves - Plotting to Take Over the World Since 9,000 BC or So.
Stay Tuned for more! And Thank You everyone who has stuck with me so far! It's fun!

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