Monday, January 26, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - January.

   Tonight I begin a new year - a new year-in-review, that is. 2010 was a good year for me, art-wise. I came up with several new pattern elements which produced some of my favorite designs. I didn't produce as many designs over the course of the year as I have in the years since. I guess I just didn't draw as fast back then. Still, I hope you'll find that some of these oldies-but-goodies are pretty good!
Also, Kevin is back! Yay!
IMAO Link of the Day: "A Promising Local Artist."

To the Edge. 1/8/10
   I called this one "to the edge" but I suppose it would be more accurately called "to within 1/4 inch of the edge".

Fractile Snowflake - With Linked Background. 1/16/10
   Fractile Snowflake had some interesting touches. I created a transitional zone between the snowflake and the background which I don't recall ever using again on any other design. I don't know why - I guess I just forgot about it. Going through these old designs makes me re-think my creative process. I'll look at them and try to remember what I did to get them to look the way they do. Sometimes I go "Oh yeah, I remember that!" and other times I go "What the heck was I thinking?". Still, I know my methods and I can usually backtrack the steps I took to get the results I got. Here either I was trying to separate the snowflake from the background, or I did the snowflake complete with the transition zone and then decided the design needed some kind of background.
   Whatever. It still looks good!

Color Experiment. 1/21/10
   This experiment was about coloring technique, not about the colors themselves. I wanted to see if just coloring around the edges of the forms would make the design look transparent. My conclusion was that it just made it look incomplete!

3 Snowflakes. 1/25/10
   I braided 3 different 6-pointed designs together in this picture, so it's really 3 snowflakes. See?

   Well, that's all for January, 2010. But before I show the latest episode of Kevin Koastie, here's a work-in-progress I started just today. It's special because it's for a friend here in Memphis who is starting a radio show called "Art A Go Go" on a local AM station. She wants a logo to go with the show - something she can print on t-shirts or business cards, etc. So we talked it over and I sketched out this design. You can still see the pencil lines.
   I should have it done in a day or two. Gosh, I hope she likes it! (She said she may interview me on the radio - as a promising local artist, I guess. Or maybe about my theory that all our problems can be blamed on those sneaking, conniving dirty Elves!)

Art A Go Go. unfinished
   So, anybody need a logo?

1st Corinthians 15:33 - Do not be deceived; "Bad company ruins good morals."
   I got the idea for this plot twist from a memorial address given by C.S. Lewis in 1944. It still applies today, and will probably still apply 500 years from now! It's pretty good, and not too long to read; so enjoy!
Link: C.S. Lewis - "The Inner Ring".


  1. I enjoy the use of white in "To the Edge" -- and that's not racist!

    "Fractile Snowflake" may be as close to perfection as one can get.

    1. Thanks, Oppo! In "To the Edge" I tried to imply that the design continued out beyond the edge of the page, and what you can see was only part of a larger 'work-in-progress'. It's ironic (or perhaps just accurate) that you describe Fractile Snowflake as "as close to perfection as one can get"; because it's actually unfinished! I was so pleased with it that I titled it, dated it, signed it, slipped it into a plastic sleeve and snapped it into my 3-ring binder before I'd finished coloring in the last few blocks of color (lower right hand side). No one else ever noticed or at least never pointed it out to me, but every time I look at it, it seems obvious to me. Still, I've never gone back and finished it because it looks good the way it is, and it may be that 'unfinished' quality that is part of the pictures charm! Anyway, thank you!