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2011 Sort'a Fresh - August.

   Well, here I am again! My computer problems are behind me, and I still have lots of pretty pictures to share with you! (well, pictures 'with a great personality' at least). Oh, and I did another Kevin Koastie cartoon as well!
IMAO Link of the Day: That'd Keep'em Out I Reckon!

   In August, 2011 I was working my way through a stack of light-orange colored cardstock paper, and when that was used up, I went back to drawing on the back of FDIC forms I swiped from the customer service counter at my bank. Eventually I bought some real drawing paper, of course, but I did some good work with these "wear-it-out, use-it-up, make-it-do" materials.
   First up, the one picture from August, 2011 that I was actually able to post last week ...

Random Nodes of Confluence. 8/2/11
   I developed a new pattern that August that I eventually refined into the first picture I ever drew to send to Frank J at as an expression of my fan-dom. ( A Little Story - October, 2013 - My first post! )

I mean this one!

Sword of the Cherubim. 8/3/11
   The title of this one was inspired by a line from the Bible, (Genesis 3:24)

"He drove out the man; and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.",

Since it looked like a wicker gate made of sword blades to me. I figured, "yep, that'd keep'em out, I reckon!"

   Anyway, that was so much fun, I did two more in quick succession, experimenting with variations in pattern and color. Since the basic structure was just a simple zig-zag, I couldn't make them too hard to draw, no matter how many fiddly-bits I added to the secondary details, which is why I could finish all three in about a week.

Variation on a Theme. 8/4/11

Hidden Circle. 8/7/11
   Hidden circle really does contain a circle, but it's hard to see because it's made of straight lines!

Swirly Cat (Schrodinger's Cat?). 8/10/11
   I posted Swirly Cat back in my 'Genius Unintentional' post last year. Do you see a cat? Is it there or not? Is it in a state of quantum uncertainty, waiting for the probability wave-front to collapse when someone opened the box? That's why I gave it the alternative title, 'Schrodinger's Cat'.
This video is for those who don't know the story behind the term "Schrodinger's Cat".
And this video is for those who don't understand why it's important. Almost as important as Beer!

Un-Congenial Confluence. 8/12/11
   Un-Congenial Confluence starts out perfectly symmetrical around the circumference and becomes increasingly random and lop-sided as the colors progress towards the center, because I fiddled with the proportions of half of the design - just to see what would happen. Now I know!

Bad Apple Window. 8/16/11
   This one was another experiment in color progression, with a green-ish squiggly bit added near the top to cover up a traumatic color application accident. (the clipboard almost slipped out of my hand, I frantically grabbed for it before it fell to the ground while holding a colored pencil in one hand, and left a big, bold streak of color right across the page.) But I think it worked out OK. It became the stem of the apple.

Triple Mandala. 8/17/11
   Here I was able to combine two very different patterns in one picture. The woven structure around and behind the central circular form is actually 3 separate weaves that are locked together, but never actually link together. Pretty cool, eh?

3-Point Progression in Shades of Yellow. 8/20/11
   I made this one using the old Points of Contact structure combined with my recently discovered 3-Point Color Progression. I used all my colored pencils that had any yellow in them, including the green ones. I could have used all the orange ones as well, but I finished off the design before I got to them!

Tightly Structured Pattern Meets the Random Element. 8/20/11
   The title really says it all. Which means that I couldn't think of a title. But it's the first one drawn in a while on real drawing paper. Yay!

Octoglobe. 8/24/11
   After all my experiments with randomness, I felt the need to do a design that was complex, but complete non-random. I started with a simple 8-point structure, then doubled it 5 times, going from 8 to 256 points around the edge. My hope was that the smaller bits would appear to be farther away, and thus curving away from the viewer.
   Well, that's it for August, 2011. Next week I can show the 7 designs I did in September, 2011. I hope you'll like them.

And now, Kevin Koastie!

I tried to work in a "Matrix" reference as well, but I couldn't manage it.

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