Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2011 Sort'a Fresh - October, November & December.

  Hello everyone! I hope you had a good Martin Luther King Day weekend. I went to see American Sniper - The Chris Kyle story. Excellent Movie, you should all go see it! If you don't, the terrorists win!  (ahem)
   Anyway, today I'll be showing the work I completed in October, November and December of 2011, a total of 5 pictures. Either I was too busy with other things to get much drawing done during this time period, or I gave a lot of my work away as Christmas presents - I don't remember which. But you can enjoy the few I still possess.

IMAO Link of the Day: That Frowning Troll Like Face.

   Sorry, no Kevin Koastie cartoon this week, I got busy with a new design over the weekend and couldn't tear myself away to do a cartoon instead. It's still not finished, but I'll show it at the bottom of this post anyway. (It contains a 'secret message')!

Hiding True Center. 10/12/11
   Hiding True Center is a variation on my previous design, Revealing True Center. All the circles are off-kilter, except for one, which would reveal the center, if it wasn't hidden.

Alphacromatic Garden With Ripples. 10/17/11
   This one is a variation on my previous design Ripples. I call it a garden because I used all the colors in my pencil box that had botanical names, like Rose Red or Pine Green, and I call it Alphacromatic because I applied the colors in alphabetical order. After it was finished, I concluded that the circles really didn't add anything to the design - they just made it more complicated. So I stopped adding them. But now you wait and see, I'll probably come up with some new way to add ripples to a design, because looking at these old designs tends to give me ideas for new designs. We'll see.

Shooting From the Hip. 10/23/11
   I posted Shooting From the Hip once before. I drew this design the other way around, then colored it from the center - out to the edges, and didn't see anything in it. Then I turned it around and saw a guy with a gun blasting away. So I included it in my Genius Unintentional collection.

Variation on a Motif. 11/9/11
   I was still experimenting with that zig-zag pattern I created for Sword of the Cherubim. I wondered if I could create a maze with it, but I decided I'd need a larger sheet of drawing paper to start with, so I may take another stab at it someday.

Centrifugal. 11/14/11
   Centrifugal is a simple spiral design with a hyphenated treatment around the edges, but it looked like it was spinning to me.

Auld Lang Syne. 12/30/11
   I finished this one on Dec. 30th, and figured it would make a good period to the year, so I named it after that old song they always sing to celebrate the passing of the old year and to welcome in the new year. The picture itself is a semi-random, semi-linked, semi-curved structure with no meaning except what the viewer may place into it - kind of like our hopes and dreams for each new year, which are always deeply personal and subjective. (although, that frowning troll-like face in the lower, left-hand corner worries me a little bit!)
I mean this bit!
   Well, that's the whole 2011 collection wrapped up. Now I'll show the design I worked on this weekend (and yesterday) instead of doing my Kevin Koastie cartoon like I should have.

Unfinished - (secret message)


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    1. "Adventure Time!"

      Bravo, Oppo! No one I showed the picture to this week could make out the secret message without help, but you did it without any clues (except the general clue that there Was a secret message to look for, of course.)