Sunday, January 11, 2015

2011 Sort'a Fresh - September.

   Tonight I'll show the work I completed in September, 2011, as well as the latest episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie!
IMAO Link of the Day: United Nations/Un-Congenial Confluence

Ripples. 9/2/11
   Ripples started out as a globe, (large forms in the center, reducing in size but increasing in number as they move to the edge) but then I started fiddling with the circles which I would usually erase when I got to the inking stage. This time I left them in.

Air-Cooled Double-Linked Stars. 9/8/11
   This one started out as a set of 6-pointed star shapes, but ended up looking like some sort of radiator system - hence this particular title.

Salvaging the Grid. 9/16/11
   Since I bought a new pad of drawing paper, I had to create a new square grid sheet to go with my new paper. (I place the grid paper behind my blank sheet of drawing paper on a clear plastic clipboard and this lets me see the grid through the paper when I hold the clipboard up to the light.)
This lets me block out my designs while keeping my lines straight and the proportions true - just a trick of the trade.
   Anyway, I screwed up my first attempt at creating this particular grid and was about to rip it up and start again when I decided instead to add some more lines and some circles and make another design out of it. So 'salvaging the grid'.

Bottom to Top. 9/20/11
   This one is a symmetrical semi-curved woven linked structure. I used 4 sets of 3 related colors and began coloring it from the bottom to the top. I figured that if I didn't make any mistakes, the symmetry should continue all the way to the top. I guess I was right!

United Nations. 9/23/11
   United Nations is a variation on my Un-Congenial Confluence design. (shown in my last post) The news at the time was full of the usual disharmony coming from the United Nations (something about wanting to sanction Israel for being openly and aggressively Jewish - I don't remember exactly what) so the title has a certain sarcastic quality.

Darwin's Dilemma? 9/27/11
    OK, here's my dilemma. I drew this picture, right? I drew every line - granted, quite a few of the lines were selected at random, but within the limited area of the design which was limited by the area of the page. I did all the fiddly bits around the primary design lines, some straight, some curved. I selected the colors and applied them in a simple chromatic progression until the picture was finished.
I swear I had no preconceived idea about what the final picture would look like. So... given all that... where did that monkey-looking thing come from? If everything was random and unplanned, where did the order come from? Hence my metaphysical conundrum!

Piece of Time. 9/30/11
   Piece of Time seemed to me to be moving while sitting still, while having a certain gear-ish quality, like the guts of some complex clock. So there you have it - time frozen in time. Huh.

   And now Kevin Koastie! (I was going to find a youtube video that would prove the allegation I {humorously} make in this cartoon, but then I caught myself and said, "Dude! Nobody wants to see That!", so forget it!)

There are some things that even an Elf just won't do!
 Hmm... maybe it was Yale... Oh well!

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