Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - Computer Problems.

   (Jan. 1, 2015) Happy New Year, everybody! This week my total tally has gone over 20,000 visitors since I began this blog! Yay! Who knows? Maybe 2015 will be the year it all goes "viral" (whatever that means) and my visitors will exceed the magical "million" mark?
   If that's the case, I better get busy and produce something for all those hypothetical visitors to see, right?

IMAO Link of the Day: Sweet Betsy From Pike!

   I gave away quite a few pictures for Christmas this year, the last 4 on New Year's Eve, before the bank closed. Now everyone should be happy! I have one other picture completed in  December 2014 that I haven't  given away, and unlike nearly everything else I produced in December, it's not a circle!
That right there makes it almost unique! Oh sure, I did some snowflake shaped designs which were kind of cubic earlier on, but these last few weeks have been all 'variations on a circle'. So I made this one extra cubic. Here it is in black and white design stage, as well as the finished product:

   (Jan. 2, 2015) Oops, sorry. My computer slowed right the heck down, and when I tried to run my Super Magic Tune-up software before finishing this post, it failed to load properly and I spent the rest of the night just trying to log back onto my own computer! Oh well, Happy New Year!
....(blows one, lone, pathetic squeaky party horn with descending note)....

   Now, where was I? Oh yeah, my last design of 2014, and then a review of my work from August, 2011, and then the first Kevin Koastie cartoon of 2015! Oh Boy!

Black & White Test #51

Mine Craft-ish Christmas Tree. 12/30/14
   August was a good month for me, if total production is any indicator. I finished eleven designs.

(Jan. 3, 2015) Dang it! My computer jammed up again, but this time I was able to glean a clue as to what was going wrong. So, this morning I made a minor adjustment and everything is now working just fine! (crosses fingers, knocks on wood).

Random Nodes of Confluence. 8/2/11

   Well, folks, my computer is still on the fritz, so I'm not gonna be able to show all my work from August, 2011 tonight. While I still have any capacity at all, I better post my latest cartoon.
   Harvey, this one's for you! (I worked in the General Zod angle, and in a compromise between full Zod-ness and the bare-chested He-man barbarian option, I dressed you as The Dread Pirate Roberts!)

Oh, and the school song is sung to the tune of "Sweet Betsy From Pike".

Kneel Before Harvey!

Hopefully I'll get this computer problem fixed by next week. Happy New Year (again) everybody!


  1. I love your art. I truly do.

    20,000? Way to go!

    1. Thanks, Oppo! I'll be getting that August 2011 art posted this week. I finally got my computer running right again. Yay!