Monday, February 16, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - February.

   Well, here I am again after a weeks hiatus. Why did I fail to post my artwork at the usual time last week? It's a long but foolish story which I won't bore you with. Anyway, if my failure to offer you another glimpse of my 'Little Worlds' last week left even a teeny-tiny little hole in the fullness of your busy lives, I apologize. Oops, sorry!
IMAO Link of the Day: Don't Stare At The Blue Bit.

   Anyway, down to business! I did some interesting designs in February of 2010. I'd purchased a new pad of drawing paper, which was a bit smaller than the paper I had been using previously. This forced me to rethink my designs, adapting them to fit into their available space.
   In addition, I've got another Work-In-Progress, and a new and even better-er episode of Kevin Koastie! Yay!

Red, White & Blue. 2/4/10
   I tried the transparency trick again with this design, with better results. I also worked in some illusion of depth. Don't stare at the blue bit in the center too long, it may hypnotize you!

Emergent Star. 2/9/10
    I'd forgotten Emergent Star. It was an experiment in combining several different design and pattern elements. It all seemed to come together with the colors. The challenge for me was linking the little fiddly bits to the large bits while keeping the orientation of all the bits straight.

   These next two are linked in their general outline and in the color pallet I used, but different in two distinct ways. I wanted to see which combination of design elements would make the more attractive picture. To make it a fair test, I started from the same shape and range of colors, but because of the differences I planned into the design, reacting to the random elements I also threw in, the two designs came out quite different. But in the end, they're both haystacks!

Half-inch scale, Double-fold, Random, Linked Haystack. 2/16/10

Quarter-scale, Single-fold, Random, Linked Haystack. 2/22/10
Close-knit Community. 2/26/10
   And Close-knit Community finishes up the month. I tried the linked-fiddly-bits trick again with this one, as I had earlier with Emergent Star. It sort of takes the background and wraps it around until it's almost the foreground. Hmmm.... Ya know, I think I could make that work!

   Now here's that Work-In-Progress I was talking about ...
Brown Bag Recording Studio - unfinished.

Never mix secret ceremonies with kegger parties

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