Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - March.

   Hello again! Tonight I'll be showing off the work I did in March, 2010. I've also got a few 'works in progress' and a new Adventures of Kevin Koastie episode for you! Yay!

IMAO Link of the Day: Semi-Random Semi-Curved Semi-Linked With a Clockwise Spiral.

   Oh, I forgot to show this one earlier - it's the cover art for my 2010 collection.

2010 Cover Art
   I cartooned myself!

Complex Rainbow Spiral. 3/4/10
   I've always liked this one. It's basically one of my semi-random, semi-curved, semi-linked structures, but with a clockwise spiral worked into it. The combination of colors helped set it off. Maybe I'll do another one like it, the next time I'm in a semi-random mood.

The Burning Bush. 3/9/10
   The Burning Bush started out as a variation of my 'Summer' pattern, but as it developed it turned out quite different. Then the colors I chose, a mix of browns, reds and greens suggested 'combustion',  and so the title seemed apt to me. That's how it goes, sometimes. If someone had come up to me and said, "Hey! draw a picture of a burning bush! I'll pay you $1000!" I probably would have created something quite different (after I finished kissing their feet!)

Deceptively Simple Maze With Bubbles. 3/15/10
This one was fun to draw. You will note that it contains absolutely no curved lines, but still manages to suggest circle-ness. It's also not really a maze. You can follow the path from either the top-right or bottom-left and you will eventually get to the other end with no dead-ends or blind passages - hence the descriptive title - deceptively simple maze (with bubbles). I even highlighted one wall of the passage through the maze to make it easier to find your way. You're welcome!

Hyper-Weave. 3/19/10
   With this one I was trying to combine a triple-weave pattern with a globe. Then I continued the fiddly-bits just about out to the edge of the page - because. Hmmm...  If I warped the lines behind the pattern before I drew the pattern, I might be able to overcome the problem I had with this design - namely getting the different scale bits to fit together without any awkward extra bits left over ... I'll think about it!

Valentine. 3/25/10
   I've shown this one before a time or two. (sigh) Fiddling with these triple-weave designs, I figured out a way to work open spaces into the pattern, and then work the edges of the open spaces into the shape of a Valentines Day heart. The Q-bert-ish background seems to work well with this design.
(Still thinking about ya, babe!)

   And we finish the month with another semi-random moment!
Semi-Curved Double-linked Random Weave. 3/30/10
   Now here's two works-in-progress I worked on this weekend. That's why I didn't finish my Kevin Koastie cartoon until Monday night. I didn't post all this stuff to my BlogSpot Monday night because my computer was running slow as molasses, so I had to do the whole sweep, clean, filter, defrag and scan thing instead. It took HOURS!!!! (@#$%^&*) ... ahem ... sorry.

Black & White Test 52
   This one has hidden possibilities - I drew it this-way-up; trying for something that would look like a globe with wings.
   But when I turned it upside-down, it looked like a scene from that NASA video Harvey posted at IMAO last week, the one with all the scary solar flares!
IMAO: I Am Now Convinced That We Will All Die In A Giant Solar Flare.
Ahh! Global Warming! AhEeeee!
   But then some guy glanced at it from the side and said, "What's that? A Parrot?"
Yeah, a parrot from HELL!
   So, like I said, hidden possibilities!

   This one is just kind of nice. The tricky bit will be selecting the right pallet of colors. If I do it right, it'll look Fabulous!
Black & White Test #53

And finally, another Fabulous episode of Kevin Koastie!

You don't tug the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with "E"!

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