Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Fresh - January.

   Tonight I'll be showing off the work I completed in January, 2015. All Fresh Stuff for a Fresh New Year! Yay! Also a work in progress, and a brand new episode of Kevin Koastie down at the bottom! Let's get started, shall we?
IMAO Link of the Day: Perhaps the Tide is Out?

   These first three designs are related to each other, in ways I'll explain as I go along.
Mostly Random, Curved, Linked Structure. 1/3/15

   This one is a pretty standard design - the kind of thing I do to relax after completing something excruciating complex. I set the outside dimensions, and then worked my way around the edges to the center, adding one random element on each go around until all foundation lines are set. After that, I get creative!
   The next one is related to the first one in that they both start out with the exact same outer dimensions.

Sea Shore 3.0. 1/14/15
   This one is different from the first one in one distinct way - it has only ONE random element. I built the design from that point out and around, then did some fiddling with the secondary design elements and turned it into another sea shore. There's not as much blue in this one as in my previous sea shore designs - perhaps the tide was out?
   The third design is related to the second design because I used most of the same colored pencils to color it in.

Little Worlds 2015. 1/15/15
   This one is different from most of my other designs in that it's completely free-style. I didn't use my compass, protractor or straight edge when drawing this one. Heck, I didn't even start from the center of the page; I just eye-balled it and adjusted as I went along. I'm going to make this one the cover design for my 2015 collection. (Unless I create something else I like better later on.)

   Speaking of excruciatingly complex designs ....

What Time Is It. 1/21/15
   I originally intended to call this one "Size Matters" because I was going to make sure that all the little diamond-shaped bits fell within a certain minimum/maximum size range; starting at the center and working my way out to the edges. Then I started coloring it in from the center - out, just to see what pattern would develop. But half way from the center to the edge, I started thinking, "What this design needs is is a Secret Message!" I got so obsessed with finishing this one, I didn't even take a break to do my weekly episode of Kevin Koastie. As a sort of apology, I posted the still unfinished picture instead.
It looked like this!
   I have to give an Atta'boy to Oppo! He figured out the secret message from this unfinished patchwork! Atta'boy, Oppo!

The Light Shines Through. 1/24/15
   This one is another variation on my old 'Sword of the Cherubim' zig-zag design. Posting those old designs from 2011, 2010, etc. makes me take another look at my old stuff and see new possibilities. How's that old saying go?
"Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." - Edmund Burke

 Yeah, that's the one! On the other hand, those who Do know history can take advantage of it!

   Then I got busy with a Commission! The lady who owns the art shop where I display my framed pieces asked me to create a logo with the caption, "Art A Go Go".

Art A Go Go - 1st draft. 1/27/15

Art-A Go Go - 2nd draft. 1/30/15
   The lady paid me for the first two, and gave me another 10 ideas for more logos and such, so I may have my work cut out for me for the next few months. We'll see how it goes. But I wasn't quite satisfied with the first two, so I did a third draft -

Art-A Go Go - 3rd draft. 2/2/15
   This 3rd draft isn't strictly from January, but it's tied in closely with the last two from January, so ... well, I won't tell anybody if you don't, 'kay?
Now here's that 'work-in-progress' I mentioned before. I started it just this evening. I don't know what it'll look like when it's finished, but it started as a circle, for what that's worth!

work-in-progress 2/3/15
   And now, a new episode of Kevin Koastie, with a flash-back within a flash-back, and a glimpse of 25th century post-S.N.A.F.U. horticulture, all framed within a moment of inward reflection by a secondary character - while our hero sits and sips his beer, I guess. Phew! that was a lot to cram into a 4-panel cartoon! I hope you enjoy it!

50th New Episode! Yay!


  1. Thanks!

    I'm going to gaze on Sea Shore 3.0; and imagine myself going from door to door; as my reward.

    1. You're welcome! Maybe you can buy a M.C. Timeshare while you're there!