Thursday, March 26, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - June.

   This week I'll be showing the work I completed in June, 2010, a new Work-In-Progress, and an exciting follow-up episode to last weeks exciting episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie! Yay!

IMAO Link of the Day: 5.833 Times Around.

   On a personal note: I finally got my pre-ordered copy of Frank J. Fleming's new novel, SUPEREGO! Frank is such a sweetheart of a guy, he even autographed my copy! - by Frank J. Fleming!
The book is Super Cool! Go buy a copy!
   Or in other words -
                                    SUPEREGO IS SUPER COOL! GO BUY A COPY!

5.833 Times Around. 6/5/10
   I was still experimenting with zig-zagging the direction of my lines to see what effect that would have. I thought it might look like a circle of multi-colored lightning bolts, but a lot of people have told me that it looks more like a chorus line of high kicking dancers to them!
   I was stuck for a title for this one, so I just calculated how many times I'd gone through my selected color pallet and called it that. 5.833 Times Around. I left part of the design un-colored, 'cause it looked good enough to me just the way it was.

Furious Gloom (Mask). 6/10/10
   I've shown this one before 'cause it's one of my favorites. (in a creepy sort of way). It doesn't have any eyes, but they still seem to follow you. Brrrr!

Fractile Cross #2. 6/16/10
   Fractiles are simple in design, but hard to draw because of all the fiddly-bits.

Casper Walking His Dog. 6/22/10
   I started at the top and bottom of the design and worked my way to the center, adding layers of color. The grey, green and red bits in the center looked like a ghostly, swirly, extoplasmic entity leading another smaller ghostly, swirly, extoplasmic entity on a leash. So I says to myself, "Hey! It's Casper, the friendly ghost, taking his dog for a walk! Cool!" And that's how a title is born!

Random 12 Step Fractile, Mostly Red. 6/28/10
   Fiddling with this kind of pattern eventually led to the discovery of Ninja Stealth Monkeys, but I wasn't quite there yet.

   Now here's another Work In Progress - I actually stopped work on this one last night, so I could do my Kevin Koastie cartoon instead. As you'll see when I do my 2015 Fresh - March post next week, I've been experimenting with new ways to randomize my designs. This one is Triple-Random!

   And now Kevin Koastie! As our episode begins, our hero and Mr. Sprock are cowering on the floor as Strange and Terrible things are happening to Dr. McKoi! Man! What a Party! Hmm... it needs a Theme Song!

It's a good thing the Doctor had been drinking cheap bourbon all night,
or he never would have survived the transformation!
Well, that was fun! Stay tuned for more art and more adventure at!

Friday, March 20, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - May.

   Hi everybody! Big news tonight! If I did it right, you should now be able to visit my blogspot by going to ""!
Much easier to remember than "", right? I bought (or more like leased for a year) the domain for $12.00! Yay!
   Anyway, tonight I'll be showing the work I finished in May, 2010. I've also got a few works-in-progress (which is mainly why I'm posting this Thursday night instead of Sunday night; I got distracted again), and a world-shaking new episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie! Enjoy!
IMAO Link of the Day: Now With a Rememberable URL!

Cooling Stars Tapestry. 5/5/10

   I figured out a pattern of six-point stars, braided them together, added a three-point braid to fill in the design, and then colored it from the top-down, using progressively cooler and darker colors to suggest lowering temperatures. Brrr! I feeling cooler just looking at it again!

   This next one was created specially for a art show I appeared at as "The Featured Artist". I made about a dozen Xerox copies of the un-colored version of this design to pass out to any kiddies who attended the show, so that they could try their hand at coloring them in themselves. It may thus be considered my chronologically first ever 'Picture Page'!  But at this blogspot, it was shown as 'Black & White Test #4'.
I mean this one!
   Anyway, here's the finished, full-color version!
Simple Complexity. 5/8/10

Blue Crosses. 5/17/10
   Blue Crosses is now part of my 'Special Collection'. It's special because I'm holding the collection for a friend who said she wanted to buy them but couldn't afford them right now. I've been holding them for over a year so far, but since no one else has expressed any interest in buying them, I guess it wouldn't hurt to hold them a while longer.
   My memory being what it is, I can't remember why I have so few pictures from May, 2010.
Did I take a vacation? Did I sell some? Give them away? I can't imagine that I went from the 8th to the 17th without drawing Something! But I only have one more to show, and that one was completed on the 27th! Oh well, I'm sure I was doing something I thought worthwhile at the time. (shrugs)

Pulse. 5/27/10
   Pulse marked a break-through for me. I realized that it was OK to change directions in mid-design, and that it might actually be a Good Thing! I did a sequel called "Pulses" but I can't show you that one because I'm definite that I Did sell that one!

   Now, where was I? Oh yeah, works-in-progress! I got distracted last Saturday with a new idea for a design that would be random, but symmetrical at the same time. It worked, and I intended to set it aside and draw my next episode of Kevin Koastie, but I when I was finishing up the middle bit, it gave me an idea for another design! Filled with the fire of inspiration, nothing else would do but that I immediately begin another design to explore this new idea! Stay tuned for my 2015 Fresh - March post to see the details of my brain-storm weekend. But I can give you a hint of what it was like now because the design that inspired the second design was set aside while I finished the second design and is so now still technically a work-in-progress, even though it's Almost done.

Work-In-Progress, Almost Finished.

   Now this one also inspired the one I'm working on tonight. I started it after I finished the latest episode of Kevin Koastie. I had time on my hands, access to paper and my drawing tools - of course I was going to start something new!
   Anyway, the two designs are exactly alike, except for the places where they're completely different. Their oval shape reminds me of a Thumbprint; and like a thumbprint, no two designs in this format will ever be exactly alike! Each has 72 points within the design that were determined by random numbers. It's unlikely that I'll ever use the same combination of random numbers again, and of course, the secondary elements can also be almost infinitely various. Oh, and I also found a refined technique for stretching circles! Yay!
Work-In-Progress, Just Started.

   And now, beginning a new chapter in The Adventures of Kevin Koastie! In this episode I finally decided on a name for The Doctor.
Here's a hint!

   This episode also reveals the Secret of the "Deviously Complex and Unguessably Random" Activation Code!
   To all who offered suggestions as to what the solution to either of these mysteries should be, here or on my facebook page, I say, "Thanks! Have a Musey!"
This Musey's for You!

Hit the Deck! Duck and Cover! I have no idea what may happen next!
I had to scan this one in Greytone mode because of my crude attempt at cut-and-paste photoshopping, but what the heck!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - April.

   Hello again! Tonight I'll be showing my work from April, 2010, another work-in-progress, and a action-packed episode of Kevin Koastie! (No, really, there is some actual Action in this episode!)
IMAO Link of the Day: No, Really, Actual Action.

Tension. 4/8/10

Dark Tower (Death and Taxes #2). 4/14/10
Dark Tower was completed on April 14th, 1 day before Income Tax returns are due. The title seemed 'apt' to me!

Two Butterflies. 4/20/10

Earth Day Mask - Mostly Green. 4/22/10
   You know what they say about all those Earth Day Hippie types, right? They're like watermelons; Green on the outside, Red on the inside!

Seven Netted Stars. 4/29/10

Aaaand that's it for April, 2010! Now here's another work-in-progress! (Still working on perfecting that Bird thing!)

The Phoenix, 3rd Draft - Incomplete.
   Last but not least, Kevin Koastie, in which I reintroduce the character of The Doctor. I didn't get any suggestions for what the Activation Code should be, but I've got another challenge for you. What should the Doctors name be? I mean, Kirk = Kwirk, Spock = Sprock; those were easy! But McCoy? How do I twist McCoy and still make it a recognizable parody? Or should I go in some other direction entirely? Any suggestions? Same deal as before - free Museys for everybody!

My apologies to Deforest Kelley.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Fresh - February.

   Well, I made it through February! This was the coldest February in Tennessee in 37 years. Curse you, Global Warming! (shakes fists at the sky). Still, I managed to finish 7 designs in February, a work in progress, and a new episode of Kevin Koastie, with a challenge or possibly a contest connected with an important up-coming plot twist! But more on that later...
Update: 3/7/15 - Harvey sent me a link with the comment, "Saw this, thought of you". Heh!

Oh, and this too!
IMAO Link of the Day: Bird on Fire.

   I finished January with 3 versions of a Logo for a local radio show, Art-A Go Go. This was the 3rd one, which for completeness sake, I'll show again here.
Art-A Go Go (3rd Draft). 2/2/15

   Then I finished a work-in-progress which I also showed in January.
I mean this one!

Here's the finished version.
Strange Daze and Nights. 2/7/15
So, how'd I do?
   While I was creating Strange Daze and Nights, I saw a way in which I could simplify the design, but still keep the bulgy-ness, so that was my next design!

Simplicity Rediscovered. 2/11/15
To make a comparison between the two designs fairer, I used the same colors, in the same order, in both designs. With the first one, I started along the top edge and worked my way down, and in the second one, I worked vertically from the center out to the sides; but other than that, of course, they're both exactly the same!

   I worked on a few more Logos in February. I showed this one as a work-in-progress.
I mean this one.
Well, I finished that one too. You can see that I used that simpler bulgy-ness motif from Simplicity Rediscovered, only I added a few new complications while I was at it.
Brown Bag Recording Studio (1st Draft). 2/17/15
   Well, I liked the way that one turned out so much, I got right to work on another Logo.
Brown Bag Blues (1st Draft). 2/21/15
I think I used a bit too much blue in this one. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

   This next one was a possible test format for another Logo. Those who visited my last post may remember The Parrot From Hell? (another work-in-progress).
This one!
I decided to do it all in shades of green, (15 shades, actually), and then filled in the bits between the forms mostly in shades of orange.
Phoenix. 2/26/15
This one looked a little too dangerous to let wander around the page unsupervised, so I put it in a cage!
   But it got me thinking about Phoenixes (what Is the plural of phoenix?) and since one of the Logos I was asked to design was "The Phoenix" I took another run at it!

The Phoenix (1st Draft). 2/28/15
This one turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself, but the words in the center were a bit too small, so I decided to 'tweak' the design a bit. And that 'tweak' is this week's Work-In-Progress.
The Phoenix (2nd Draft) in progress
And now, Kevin Koastie! But after you read the cartoon, read on...

Coming up next, Kevin and Mr. Sprock play "Pull My Finger"!
   Now, here's my challenge --- What do you think the 'Activation Code' might be?
If I use your suggestion you'll win a Musey! Heck, if your suggestion makes me laugh or even thoughtfully stroke my chin and say "Hmmm..." you'll win a Musey!