Thursday, March 26, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - June.

   This week I'll be showing the work I completed in June, 2010, a new Work-In-Progress, and an exciting follow-up episode to last weeks exciting episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie! Yay!

IMAO Link of the Day: 5.833 Times Around.

   On a personal note: I finally got my pre-ordered copy of Frank J. Fleming's new novel, SUPEREGO! Frank is such a sweetheart of a guy, he even autographed my copy! - by Frank J. Fleming!
The book is Super Cool! Go buy a copy!
   Or in other words -
                                    SUPEREGO IS SUPER COOL! GO BUY A COPY!

5.833 Times Around. 6/5/10
   I was still experimenting with zig-zagging the direction of my lines to see what effect that would have. I thought it might look like a circle of multi-colored lightning bolts, but a lot of people have told me that it looks more like a chorus line of high kicking dancers to them!
   I was stuck for a title for this one, so I just calculated how many times I'd gone through my selected color pallet and called it that. 5.833 Times Around. I left part of the design un-colored, 'cause it looked good enough to me just the way it was.

Furious Gloom (Mask). 6/10/10
   I've shown this one before 'cause it's one of my favorites. (in a creepy sort of way). It doesn't have any eyes, but they still seem to follow you. Brrrr!

Fractile Cross #2. 6/16/10
   Fractiles are simple in design, but hard to draw because of all the fiddly-bits.

Casper Walking His Dog. 6/22/10
   I started at the top and bottom of the design and worked my way to the center, adding layers of color. The grey, green and red bits in the center looked like a ghostly, swirly, extoplasmic entity leading another smaller ghostly, swirly, extoplasmic entity on a leash. So I says to myself, "Hey! It's Casper, the friendly ghost, taking his dog for a walk! Cool!" And that's how a title is born!

Random 12 Step Fractile, Mostly Red. 6/28/10
   Fiddling with this kind of pattern eventually led to the discovery of Ninja Stealth Monkeys, but I wasn't quite there yet.

   Now here's another Work In Progress - I actually stopped work on this one last night, so I could do my Kevin Koastie cartoon instead. As you'll see when I do my 2015 Fresh - March post next week, I've been experimenting with new ways to randomize my designs. This one is Triple-Random!

   And now Kevin Koastie! As our episode begins, our hero and Mr. Sprock are cowering on the floor as Strange and Terrible things are happening to Dr. McKoi! Man! What a Party! Hmm... it needs a Theme Song!

It's a good thing the Doctor had been drinking cheap bourbon all night,
or he never would have survived the transformation!
Well, that was fun! Stay tuned for more art and more adventure at!


  1. 1. Well, it's 5.833 percent unanimous: I too see chorus girl legs there. And an upside-down "nuclear danger" symbol in the center.

    2. Casper may be walking his dog, but the yellow rows at the top and bottom are how I imagine a hippy on LSD would see the words on a movie poster.

  2. Hi Oppo!
    1. the bit in the center is actually a regular duo-deka-quatro-hedron. (a 24 sided figure). I'm not sure I spelled that right, but it Sounds fancy.
    2. I've used that sort of design to spell out secret messages before, but in this case it was just lines and colors. Hmmm... using colors to reveal letters that aren't really there? Tricky, but it just might work!

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