Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Fresh - February.

   Well, I made it through February! This was the coldest February in Tennessee in 37 years. Curse you, Global Warming! (shakes fists at the sky). Still, I managed to finish 7 designs in February, a work in progress, and a new episode of Kevin Koastie, with a challenge or possibly a contest connected with an important up-coming plot twist! But more on that later...
Update: 3/7/15 - Harvey sent me a link with the comment, "Saw this, thought of you". Heh!

Oh, and this too!
IMAO Link of the Day: Bird on Fire.

   I finished January with 3 versions of a Logo for a local radio show, Art-A Go Go. This was the 3rd one, which for completeness sake, I'll show again here.
Art-A Go Go (3rd Draft). 2/2/15

   Then I finished a work-in-progress which I also showed in January.
I mean this one!

Here's the finished version.
Strange Daze and Nights. 2/7/15
So, how'd I do?
   While I was creating Strange Daze and Nights, I saw a way in which I could simplify the design, but still keep the bulgy-ness, so that was my next design!

Simplicity Rediscovered. 2/11/15
To make a comparison between the two designs fairer, I used the same colors, in the same order, in both designs. With the first one, I started along the top edge and worked my way down, and in the second one, I worked vertically from the center out to the sides; but other than that, of course, they're both exactly the same!

   I worked on a few more Logos in February. I showed this one as a work-in-progress.
I mean this one.
Well, I finished that one too. You can see that I used that simpler bulgy-ness motif from Simplicity Rediscovered, only I added a few new complications while I was at it.
Brown Bag Recording Studio (1st Draft). 2/17/15
   Well, I liked the way that one turned out so much, I got right to work on another Logo.
Brown Bag Blues (1st Draft). 2/21/15
I think I used a bit too much blue in this one. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

   This next one was a possible test format for another Logo. Those who visited my last post may remember The Parrot From Hell? (another work-in-progress).
This one!
I decided to do it all in shades of green, (15 shades, actually), and then filled in the bits between the forms mostly in shades of orange.
Phoenix. 2/26/15
This one looked a little too dangerous to let wander around the page unsupervised, so I put it in a cage!
   But it got me thinking about Phoenixes (what Is the plural of phoenix?) and since one of the Logos I was asked to design was "The Phoenix" I took another run at it!

The Phoenix (1st Draft). 2/28/15
This one turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself, but the words in the center were a bit too small, so I decided to 'tweak' the design a bit. And that 'tweak' is this week's Work-In-Progress.
The Phoenix (2nd Draft) in progress
And now, Kevin Koastie! But after you read the cartoon, read on...

Coming up next, Kevin and Mr. Sprock play "Pull My Finger"!
   Now, here's my challenge --- What do you think the 'Activation Code' might be?
If I use your suggestion you'll win a Musey! Heck, if your suggestion makes me laugh or even thoughtfully stroke my chin and say "Hmmm..." you'll win a Musey!

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