Sunday, March 8, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - April.

   Hello again! Tonight I'll be showing my work from April, 2010, another work-in-progress, and a action-packed episode of Kevin Koastie! (No, really, there is some actual Action in this episode!)
IMAO Link of the Day: No, Really, Actual Action.

Tension. 4/8/10

Dark Tower (Death and Taxes #2). 4/14/10
Dark Tower was completed on April 14th, 1 day before Income Tax returns are due. The title seemed 'apt' to me!

Two Butterflies. 4/20/10

Earth Day Mask - Mostly Green. 4/22/10
   You know what they say about all those Earth Day Hippie types, right? They're like watermelons; Green on the outside, Red on the inside!

Seven Netted Stars. 4/29/10

Aaaand that's it for April, 2010! Now here's another work-in-progress! (Still working on perfecting that Bird thing!)

The Phoenix, 3rd Draft - Incomplete.
   Last but not least, Kevin Koastie, in which I reintroduce the character of The Doctor. I didn't get any suggestions for what the Activation Code should be, but I've got another challenge for you. What should the Doctors name be? I mean, Kirk = Kwirk, Spock = Sprock; those were easy! But McCoy? How do I twist McCoy and still make it a recognizable parody? Or should I go in some other direction entirely? Any suggestions? Same deal as before - free Museys for everybody!

My apologies to Deforest Kelley.


  1. Dr. McWho would give you some potential crossover action...

  2. Dr. Decoy

    Dr. Not-the-Real

    Dr. Coy

  3. Bob B - Hmmm... a Doctor Who crossover? I'd have to get advice from Basil at IMAO - he set himself the Herculean task of watching every episode of that long-running series last year. But yeah, I could probably make that work!

    Oppo - Dr. Not-the-Real? I see what you did there!

    Thank you both, gentlemen - You both win a Musey! But I'd still welcome suggestions from any other visitors to my little blog (hint, hint).
    By next week I'll have to decide what to call him before I finish my next cartoon. When I first attempted a Star Trek parody cartoon (in junior high) I think I called him Dr. McCork, but I was never really satisfied with it. The same with the ship's engineer, Mr. Snott, or Mr. Scotney - I used both. Mr. Scotch?

  4. Replies
    1. McQuake? Wasn't there a breakfast cereal by that name back in the 70's? Hi, Paul!

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