Saturday, April 25, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - July.

IMAO Link of the Day: Catch the Dream.
   Man! I can't believe I haven't posted anything here since April 3! I've had a Kevin Koastie cartoon all set to show for 2 weeks, but just haven't found the time to do a full-blown post. On the positive side, my next paycheck should show an enormous increase in the amount of Overtime pay! Maybe I'll splurge and buy a pound of hamburger with the windfall!

   Today I'll be showing the work I completed in July, 2010. Also a few Works-In-Progress and the aforementioned cartoon.

Dream Catcher #2. 7/7/10
   I'd done a lot of designs up to this point that involved drawing spiral lines from the center of the page out to the edges. As the lines moved out from the center they moved further apart from each other, so I'd add extra lines between the original lines and as they continued to move further apart I'd add even more extra lines between the lines I'd already drawn. Now, some of those designs turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself, but I wanted to try something different. Dream Catcher #1 was the breakthrough! (Sorry I can't show it to you, but I sold it years ago.)
   What's different about these designs I call 'Dream Catchers' is that they involve exactly twice the number of lines as a regular old spiral design. I drew a spiral design, all the curved lines curving in the same direction, and then redrew the same design over the first design, but with all the lines curving in the opposite direction. I was so pleased with the results that I had to do several more in quick succession in order to explore the possibilities!

Dream Catcher #3. 7/12/10
   Of course, the center of the design, where all the lines converge, is the weak point of each design that has a center. It's kind of like how they say that the laws of physics break down within a 'Singularity' because of the extreme forces involved. Science! Well, when I've got a couple of hundred lines stretching towards the center, I have to do something with them before they converge there, or each design would end up with a messy mass of black ink at its core. But after I wrestle all those lines into some sort of order, I've got to fill the center of the design, (the bulls eye) with something, right?
   Hmmm... maybe I'll do a special post someday - featuring only the very center of all my circular designs, to show the various solutions I've come up with to answer the question, "Well, that looks pretty good, I reckon, but now what do I do to fill the hole at the center?" What would I call a post like that? "Plugging The Hole - A Retrospective"? :)

Wrecked Tangles. 7/15/10
   Wrecked Tangles is a throw-back to some of my earliest designs, where I started with total randomness and created a design by imposing order on the chaos. I did that by drawing little circles around the speckles on a piece of grey cardboard (the kind you sometimes find as the back cover of a notebook) and then playing 'connect the dots'. Well, starting with a blank piece of drawing paper, I didn't have any speckles to play with, so I drew some. I drew a bunch of concentric circles and semi-circles with my compass, and then placed a dot where any of the lines crossed. Then, with teeth gritting determination, I drew a whole bunch of rectangles. Except for the two triangles at the top and bottom of the design, every block of color in the design should have 4 sides. Now, if I'd made every block of color a triangle, it stands to reason that the design would have ended up at least one third more complex, but it is what it is!

Summer Cubed. 7/23/10
   Summer Cubed is a fairly simple 9 color design. It started as a hyper-cube, but then I wrapped it in a 3-point braid design and linked the two together with a shared color scheme. Why, it practically drew itself!

Sky Blue Monkey Wrench. 7/30/10
   This one has elements in common with Summer Cubed; external symmetry, internal randomness, and a 3-point braid motif. But I tried something different with the colors. Usually when I color a structure design like this, I'll pick trios of related colors to color the top, left and right of each part of the structure to help create the illusion of shadow and depth. With this design I added 1 extra color to throw off the pattern. I called the extra color the 'monkey wrench'. In this case that color was Sky Blue. Ta Da! Another title is born! I tried the 'monkey wrench' color thing a few more times, then stopped.

   Now here's a peak at a few works-in-progress!
New Old School - B & W
   Some parts of the line segments in the braid portion of this design were about 1/32 of an inch apart. I have to stop doing that before I go blind!

Work In Progress. 4/25/15
   I might title this one, "Thinking Inside the Box" or "Death And Taxes, 3.0". We'll see.

   And now for the high point of my week, and I'm sure of yours... Kevin Koastie! Yaaay!

OK, we've got elements of Buck Rodgers, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and now Star Wars all mashed together. I've got room for just one more action/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi franchise to lampoon at this time. Which should it be?
Thanks everybody! Sorry for the delay. Please think good thoughts/pray for my dog Katie, she's very sick. Have a good week!


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