Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Fresh - March.

IMAO Link of the Day: Finishing Things "In Progress".
   They closed down the place I work for a day in honor of Good Friday. Or they decided to give everyone a 3-day weekend that just happened to coincide with the celebration of Easter. Whatever.
   The point is I have an unexpected and unpaid vacation day and I feel like Dustin Hoffman in that movie, "Rain Man" as the minutes counted down to The Peoples Court TV show with Judge Whopner! What ever shall I do with all this spare time?

   So I decided to use this time to present the work I completed in March, 2015! That's the month that we just finished. It's 31 days long. Yeah, definitely 31 days long. April has only 30 days. 30 is a even number. You can divide it by 2 with no remainder. Yeah, definitely an even number. 31 is not an even number ... it's a prime number ... Oh Oh! Prime number! ... I'm a very good driver!

   Man, I need to make myself some coffee! (a brief time passes) Ah, better now!

   A few weeks back (2010 Quasi-Fresh - March. 2/25/15)  I showed a Work-in-Progress.
This One!

I said (concerning this design), "The tricky bit will be selecting the right pallet of colors. If I do it right, it'll look Fabulous!"
Fabulous. 3/2/15
   Then I got back to work on that Phoenix design again.
The Phoenix, 2nd Draft. 3/6/15
   Then I pressed on with another version!
The Phoenix, 3rd Draft. 3/10/15
      I changed the logo to make it easier to read, and modified the color pallet and the color progression, but it turned out to be a pretty good blend of random and ordered. You can almost smell the burning feathers!

   This next one was a fluke that inspired another new development which kept my interest for most of the rest of the month of March.
Cloud Grey Window. 3/13/15
    I've done these single-strand ribbon designs before, but a fluke in the dimensions of this design make it unique. I call it 'Cloud Grey Window' because I began coloring one of the ribbons with my Cloud Grey pencil, and the ribbon Just Wouldn't End!  The whole central part of the design is cloud grey, with streaks of cloud grey extending to every point of the design! Because I draw the ribbons in segments, and then later connect the ribbons at the edges, where they change direction, I had no idea that the one color would predominate the finished design that way. Now, this design was almost symmetrical - the fluke that broke the symmetry was in the extensions at the top and bottom of the design which I'd worked in to fill up the corners of the Window - 'cause it's supposed to be a window, see?
   So I started a little quest to explore ways to deliberately add 'flukes' to my designs that would preserve the symmetry of the outer edges of the designs, but allow great freedom for Randomness to do it's thing within the designs!

Doubled Random Dream Catcher. 3/14/15
    The center of this design reminded me of a checker board, so I distracted myself from my previous distraction by drawing another design that was extremely checkerboard-ish.

Circular Checker Board. 3/16/15

    Well, I couldn't leave that alone, so I played with the checker board motif again in my next design, but I also went back to the internal randomness quest as well. Oh, and since St. Patrick's Day came and went while I was coloring it, I added a layer of green to the design in honor of the holiday!

St. Patrick's Day Doubly Random Dream Catcher. 3/20/15
   After working out the doubly random design with a couple of dream catchers, I decided I was ready to try to apply the design structure to another single strand ribbon weave design.
I showed it 'in progress',
I mean this one.
And here's the finished design!
3.625 Times Around - (Doubly Random Single Strand Weave). 3/21/15
   By this time, Palm Sunday was rolling around, and I realized I hadn't done a single Easter-related design yet! So I used the oval motif I'd used in the previous designs, warped it into an egg shape, and made it Triply-Random! (but with lots of light, pretty colors 'cause Easter!)
Easter 2015. 3/24/15
Notice the little ring at the top? I drew that there to mark the beginning and the end of the longest continuous ribbon in the design. Follow the path if you can and you'll see that it's almost endless!
(but if you follow it long enough, you end up on top! Hmm... Did I just find an Easter metaphor in my Easter Egg design? If I'd done it deliberately, it wouldn't have worked - but since it was a fluke, something unplanned, just one of those things... yeah, I'll take it! Yay!) Happy Easter!

   Now we're almost done with March. Here's one more Triply-Random weave. With this one, I made the ribbons dark, and the background colors lighter. The result is gloomier than the above Easter egg, but I drew it closer to Good Friday, so gloomier is appropriate. But Sunday is a'coming!

Triply-Random Single Strand Weave with Complex Color Progression. 3/28/15

I couldn't resist! I have to play this video too!

Oh, and here's Kevin Koastie!

The fewmets have hit the windmill now!
Well, now it's time for me to get ready for church! Be Blessed!


  1. I noticed a lot of 'free hand' in some of these designs that I had not noticed before. It makes for a different presentation (and nice). Less strict or rigid, I might say. - Doug.

    1. Thanks, Doug! I find in all my designs there are points where decisions have to me made - will the next line go right or left? will I leave that space blank or will I fill it with another line or two, and if so, which way will they go? The same when it comes to coloring, which colors? in which order? from what starting point? Sometimes I answer these questions after careful artistic deliberation ... and sometimes I just flip a coin, or roll a dice, and let the Randomness decide! And although I may draw some pencil lines as a guide for the ink lines that come later, yeah, it's mostly 'free hand' drawing. Some people see my uncolored designs and think I must have printed them out of a computer, but nope, I did it!

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