Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Fresh - April (Nearly Off the Grid).

IMAO Link of the Day: Honoring Bacon. 
  Hi Everybody! Let's see, my last post was on April 25th, and in that post I remarked that I hadn't done a post since April 3rd (22 days). I started this post on May 27th, and may not  finish it until sometime tomorrow, the 28th, which should make it a 32 day delay since my last post. A New Record!!!
   I'm still drawing (feverishly) every chance I get, and I've been exploring some new design Ideas that look promising. Why then haven't I been blogging? 2 main reasons - 1. I've been either working or sleeping for the last month. 2. Kevin Koastie was giving me writer's block. It didn't feel right to do a post that didn't include another episode of his adventures, but I was using every chance I had to work on those new abstract designs I mentioned above and couldn't pull myself away to do another raggedy old cartoon. Well, I finally did the raggedy cartoon and so now I can show off the work I completed in April, 2015, which led to the work I did in May, 2015 which kept me from posting anything here!
   But I'll have to finish this later, because now it's time for me to get ready to go to work!

5/28/15 4:40 am. OK, it's later, I'm home from work and I can't sleep, so I might as well finish this post!

Memphis Famous - 1st Draft. 4/1/15

This is another Logo design, promoting a musical event intended to feature Famous Memphis musicians, or at least musicians who are famous around Memphis.

   Then I heard a 'rumor' about a couple of my favorite Internet People and I thought to myself, "That's sounds like good news, if it means what I think it means! They deserve Bacon!"

The "Idea" of Bacon 2.0. 4/10/15
   This is when I started to go "off the grid". I've been using square or triangular grids to help me create my designs for years. But I created this one without a grid, or at least with a grid distorted by two semi-circles. That worked so well, I tried it again but with this next one, I offset the two semi-circles to make it even more "squiggly".

Rainbow Bacon. 4/13/15

   So ... if those couple of people I'm thinking about ever happen to make an announcement of some sort, the sort that involves presents and congratulations and such, I've got a matching set of pictures for them! Just sayin' ...

New Old School - 1st Draft. 4/19/15
   This is another Logo for a different musical event. The idea behind this one is to have a group of young and old musicians jam together in a concert. I chose Blue and Gold for the colors of the lettering, because those were my old school colors.Central Valley Valiants. Go Valiants!

7 Layers Deep - Earth Day Braid. 4/22/15
   No, I haven't gone 'Green'. I heard it was Earth Day again on the radio, and that got me thinking about all the bovine excretions I've heard down through the years about what environmental "crisis" was gonna kill us all next, and I though, "They just keep piling it higher and deeper!". Well, this design has a total of seven different strands in it. I drew each strand separately, so that they gradually move farther into the background, and picked a different color for each strand. Then of course I had to color in all the bits between the strands and there you go! Ta Da!

Thinking Inside the Box (or) Death and Taxes 3.0. 4/27/15

Every April around tax time my imagination takes a grim and grizzly turn. This year, not so much - I got a pretty good refund. Yeah, I know, I just loaned the money to the government for a year interest free, but it's still a wad of cash I wasn't expecting, which is always pleasant.

   Now here's a few previews of coming attractions.

Black & White Test #54
Black & White Test #55

Work in Progress
And ... at long last ... a New Episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie! Yay! As you may recall, the Space Guard Cutter Free Enterprise had just been boarded by a squad of Elvish Storm Troopers after Dr. McKoi had been transmogrified into a Dwarf by Mr. Sprock's magic ring ... and the crew are nearly all drunk out of their minds from celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day all evening!

Go get'em, Doc!


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