Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Fresh - June.

IMAO Link of the Day: 4of7 Is Not Trying To Avoid Jail.
   Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since July. I'd like to say it was because I've been out and away on the best vacation of my life. Nope. I'd like to say it was because I've been working hard and making money hand-over-fist. Nope. At least I can tell you it Wasn't because I was in jail or on the run, trying to avoid jail. Heck, even that would make for a pretty good story at least.
   Anyway, I'm back in the saddle and I've got 3 months worth of work to show off, so let's get started.

   I continued to experiment with "off-the-grid" designs.

Still Not Quite Right, But Getting Closer. 6/3/15

4 Corner Crazy Open 3-Point Color Progression. 6/6/15

   This next one was so "off-the-grid" that it nearly flew off the edge of the page.
Off-The-Grid Rainbow Brambles. 6/8/15

   At this point I felt the need for a change of pace, so I decided to do a good, old-fashioned "Fun With Circles" design.

Dark Window. 6/11/15

   Then I went back to off-the-grid-ishness, with an element of circle-ness as well.

23 Color Crazy Open 3-Point Progression With Random Nodes of Confluence and Extra Bulgyness. 6/15/15

   This next design has a very similar underlying structure to the above design, but with a different treatment of the secondary design elements (and a much shorter title).

Cathedral. 6/25/15

   Finally, here's the finished version of that Work-In-Progress I showed here in a previous post.
To quote Commander Scott in response to the question, "What is it?" - "It's green!"

Subliminal Evangelism. 6/30/15

Update: 09/17/15 - Oops! I forgot to include my latest work-in-progress! Here it is ...

Work In Progress 9/17/15
And now, for those who have gotten bed sores from sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation for 2 months, finally some relief! Kevin Koastie returns!

Hmm... must be I-Phasers?
And I'll award a Musey to the first one to identify the pop-culture reference in the first panel of this cartoon! :)

Update: 9/21/15 - Contest closed! We have a winner!
A Musey for Texas Annie!
   Thanks everyone for visiting my site and I hope to have more stuff to show you in a very reasonable interval of time! Bye!


  1. Everyone loves the first Terminator!

    1. Congratulations Texas Annie! You win a Musey!
      Hold on a sec while I insert one into this post ... Ah, there it is!

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  5. WOW! I just found you. You are awesome. Very well done. Thank you!